LRC Rules & Regulations

Short Title
  1. These Rules shall be called the Institute of Technology & Management,Gurgaon "Library and Resource Center (LRC) RULES & REGULATIONS".
  2. These LRC Rules & Regulations are applicable to all full time/regular student enrolled with Institute of Technology & Management; all teaching, technical and workshop staff of the Institute, whether adhoc, temporary, part-time contractual or permanent; and to all others who may be authorised to use the library and its facilities from time to time.
  3. The Library Committee, constituted by the Director/Principal of Institute of Technology & Management, Gurgaon, will henceforth be called "LC". LC reserves the exclusive right, any time hereafter and without notice, to amend, alter, modify, add or delete any provision(s) to all or any of these Library Rules & Regulations, from time to time and to bring such amendments, alterations, modifications, additions, deletions, into effect from a date to be notified by the "LC".
  4. Such amendments, alterations, modifications, additions or deletions, if any, shall become applicable to all concerned covered by these Library Rules & Regulations from the date of their notification by the "LC".
  5. The Director/Principal shall have the exclusive power to clarify any issue or to remove any doubt relating to these "LRC RULES & REGULATIONS".
Membership Of The Library
  1. The Library at the Institute Of Technology & Management is established primarily for the use of its full time/ regular students and for all its teaching, technical and workshop staff whether adhoc, probationary, temporary, part-time, contractual or permanent.
  2. Research scholars, ex-students and others desirous of using the Library may also be admitted as "VISITORS" with the prior written permission of the Chairman, Governing Body only for such period(s) as may be specified from time to time.
Library Hours

Library hours means when the Library will remain open to the members. The duration shall be fixed by the Director/Principal.

  1. It has been decided that the Library Timings shall be as follows till further notice:
    Monday to Friday:8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M
    Working Saturday:8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M
    Working hours may change as may be determined by Principal / Director from time to time.
  2. The Library shall remain closed on all National / Weekly holidays and on such other day(s), as may be determined by the Director/Principal from time to time.
Admission To The Library
  1. The privilege of using the library and any of its facilities including borrowing of publications for home study shall be extended to members only.
  2. To become a member, a registration form is to be filled in and attested by the Controller of Records and the Head of Administration in the case of full time/regular students and Head of Administration and the Director/Principal in case of all others.
  3. On acceptance of his/her membership, every member will be given a bar-coded library card as may be specified for his / her category of membership.
  4. Every full time/regular student member shall have to deposit a refundable security deposit, if any, with the Library for the use of its facilities, as may be determined by the Director/Principal.
  5. Library Card is meant strictly for the Personal use of only members and is "NOT TRANSFERABLE" under all circumstances. No publication of any kind whatsoever shall be lent to any other person other than the Valid Holder of the Library Card.
  6. To check the unauthorized entry of outsiders in the Library, the members are required to keep their identity cards with them whenever they visit the library. The Library staff are authorised to deny permission to enter the library to any member who is not in possession of his/ her identity card.
  7. The number of books which may be lent to for each category of members shall be as follows:
    Categories of Members Max. No. of Books Max. Period of Loan Late Fine(@per day)
    A All Teaching Staff & Workshop Staff upto the level of Lecturer 10

    One Semester

    One Semester

    (Book Bank)

    B Technical Staff 5 30 Days Rs.20
    C Admin Staff 4 30 Days Rs.20
    D Regular Students 5

    14 Days

    One Semester(Book Bank)
    E Visitors / Visiting Faculty 4 One Semester Rs.20
    F Others 10 30 weeks Rs 20
  8. A book will be lent out to the borrower only on producing library card before library staff, failing which the borrower will not be issued any kind of document.
  9. Library Cards of a member will remain valid only for the period mentioned on the cards. These can be renewed only by returning all the expired cards and settling all outstanding dues, if any.
  10. Every full time/regular student member shall have to deposit a refundable security deposit, if any, with the Library for the use of its facilities, as may be determined by the Director/Principal.
  11. Library Card is meant strictly for the Personal use of only members and is "NOT TRANSFERABLE" under all circumstances. No publication of any kind whatsoever shall be lent to any other person other than the Valid Holder of the Library Card.
  12. A member shall obtain a clearance certificate for refund of caution money only after surrendering his/her library card and paying any outstanding dues against his/her name.
  13. The Librarian has the right/authority to adjust the refundable security deposit of any student against any outstanding due to the library from such student(s).
  14. The Librarian has the right to recall any book from any member at any time, if so required.
  15. Books loaned to students for 14 days may be extended for a further period of 14 days only provided no other reader has reserved the same in the intervening period.
  16. A member can reserve a book which is available in the Library by filling a prescribed form available at the counter.
  17. Member should fully satisfy themselves about the physical condition of books before getting them issued as they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning the books.
  18. Members must necessarily return all library books borrowed by them before the commencement of summer vacations; failing which, besides payment of overdue charges and penalty if any, their membership may not be renewed.
  19. Final year students are required to return all books borrowed from the library and surrender their library cards ten days before commencement of the final semester examinations in order to obtain clearance from the library for issuance of roll numbers. All final year students will be free to borrow books even thereafter, on the basis of special cards and subject to their depositing a security deposit of Rs. 500/-per book. This security deposit will be refunded once the books are returned before and not later than 7 days from the date of the last examination and any dues outstanding are paid to the library.
  20. In case books are not returned within a month of the date of issue, the librarian reserves the absolute right to suspend the member from further use of the Library and its facilities till such time the book(s) or the cost(s) thereof, including fine, if any is paid.
Loss Of Library ID Card
  1. The loss of Library cards should be reported in writing immediately to the Librarian. No verbal communication in this regard will be entertained. To enable a member losing his/her Library card(s), to continue his/her membership,duplicate card(s) will be issued on payment of Rs.200 within twenty four days of receipt ofcomplaint.
  2. Borrowers shall be responsible for any loss which the library may suffer through the loss or misuse of their cards. Any person using cards declared "lost" will be fined a sum of Rs.1500 which will not be waived off under any circumstances. In addition, he/she will invite strict disciplinary action which may include suspension from the Institute.
Loss Of Books
  1. In case of loss of a book(s), the borrower shall be required to pay the cost of the book including Overdue Charges (if any), Processing Charges (Rs.150), Binding Charges (Rs.50)and any penalty that may be imposed.
  2. If the book of a series is damaged or lost, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay the cost of the complete set including overdue charges and penalty if any imposed.
Overdue Charges
  1. Overdue charges at the following rates shall be levied for late return of books:
    For the first 14 days after the due date of return, Rs.10 per day per volume.
  2. Overdue charges cannot be waived for any member, without exception In case of illness, the fine can be waived on producing medical certificate.
Short Term Loan Privileges: Reference Books & Bound Journals
  1. The following categories of material are generally not issued: Reference Books, Current issue of periodicals and such material as may be specified by the Librarian.
  2. In special circumstances, the Director/Principal may at his discretion, and subject to the authorised borrower depositing the cost of the book (s), permit certain books to be borrowed from the REFERENCE COLLECTION for a limited period. The decision of the Director in such cases shall be final.
Code Of Conduct For Library
  1. Members shall maintain silence and not engage in audible conversation in any part of the library.
  2. A person shall not sleep, smoke or spit in any part of the library.
  3. A person shall not write upon, damage, mutilate or mark any book belonging to the library.
  4. Consumption of food, alcoholic beverages and intoxicants of any nature whatsoever is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  5. Carrying of fire arms or any other weapon of assault including the use of cellular phones and any other electronic/ battery operated gadget in the Library is strictly prohibited.
  6. All members and their personal belongings including Library books issued to them are subject to a search/check by the library staff at the Library entrance.
  7. No personal book or belonging shall be allowed to be taken inside the library without the permission of the librarian.
  8. Any infringement of the library rules will render the privilege of admission and of borrowing books from the Library liable to cancellation.
  9. The Director/principal reserves the right to suspend the membership privilege of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or for indecent behaviour.
Mutilation And Stealing Of Books
The member caught in tearing pages/ stealing and or mutilating books will invite strict disciplinary action including payment of the cost of such book (s) and penalty if any. He/she shall also be liable for suspension from the Institute.
Suggestion Book
A Suggestion Book is available with the librarian. Members of the library are free to suggest measures for further improvement of the Library services.
Members must insist on being given a receipt for any payment made by them whether it be a security deposit or towards overdue charges/ penalties.